Swimming is an excellent way to work your entire body by increasing your heart rate without stressing your body, tone your muscles and build strength and endurance. An hour of swimming burns almost as many calories as running, without all the impact on your bones and joints. To add variety to your swimming workout various strokes can be used. Each of those strokes focuses on different muscle groups and the water provides a gently resistance. Regardless of the type of stroke you swim, you’re using most of your muscle groups to move your body through water.

With over 30 years of experience Nager.London will teach you how to promote freedom of movement, body awareness and build the swimming confidence to enhance your enjoyment in water. You will learn how to swim in the most productive, time – efficient and smooth way to maximise the outcome to your experience and enjoyment.

Whatever your ability we provide tailored method of teaching to fit individuals needs. Overcome your fear or apprehension of swimming and start building a positive relationship with the water.

Our teaching provides an immersion into all four stages of the three programmes’ method that we offer. Working with swimmers and non-swimmers of all levels ranging from those who are fearful of putting their faces into the water to triathletes.

We are experienced in teaching professional athletes, people with special needs, adults, beginners and children.