Client Testimonials


“I wanted to extend my thanks and gratitude to you. Our son has made great progress with you and will have life long love of the water thanks to your efforts with him. We are immensely grateful.” K. Perks, mother of 4 year old son.

“In the past we have worked with other teachers, at different venues, but the experience now is very special. The approach is one of great sensitivity both towards the skills, as well as toward the character of my boy. She has been very understanding of the fact that due to ongoing health issues, sometimes feels tires, or cold, or not very focused. The lessons often start in a playful way, with various games, and quickly progress towards more complicated exercises and training. Exercises which seemed very difficult to me, to the point where I thought my child will never be able to complete them, he is already mastering. We are very grateful and looking forward to continuing working with her.” I. Petrow, mother of 8 year old son.


“I loved the attention to detail and breaking down each move into small moves. I also liked that you told me where I was in terms of the overall process of the learning curve. You made the whole process enjoyable despite my frustration of not learning quickly enough.” Ms. J. Kornelius

“I would like to let you know that I gained much needed information from your breast stroke teaching method. Although, I have had previous instruction I gained a new understating of the stroke and I feel I have improved which has given me more confidence.” Ms. B Barton.

“I felt that you identified major and even minor issues of my swimming technique. You didn’t just tell me and show me what to do but you’ve also explained the effects it will have in the water. Overall, I think that Shaw’s method works for me and that you’ve done fantastic job teaching it.” Mr. P. Sabol.

“I benefitted hugely from your teaching for two main reasons – one was that you focussed on the detail of the various moves which is feedback and learning that I really needed, and the other was that you conveyed the moves clearly to me, both in terms of feeding back what I was doing and also what the correct moves were.
“It was the combination of clear explanations/feedback; video footage; the hands-on guiding me through the movements in the water so I could ‘feel’ the correct movement; and your own demonstration in the water of my incorrect movements as well as the correct version, with me watching from the poolside, that really helped. I have found that the learning I gained has remained clear in my mind because of the clear way you conveyed things. So a huge thanks to you, it was truly helpful.” Ms. D. Saville.