Our Programmes

Swimming is an essential life skill and with the right guidance you will learn to respect, love and be at ease in the water.

Our tailor-made programmes utilise the Shaw Method based on the principles of the Alexander Technique together with the focus on body awareness and its alignment. This method improves your skill, fitness, wellbeing while enjoying the journey, and is delivered with motivational and kind coaching to ensure you stay on track every step of the way.

Childrens’ Programmes


For children who are beginners and new to water environment constructive plan is used to build confidence in floatation and submersion by using simple and affective teaching techniques without relaying on pool aids. In this way a child will develop basic water safety and solid body position in water while being relaxed. This program consists of two levels.

Intermediate – Advance

For children who are at intermediate to more advance level of swimming ability constructive framework is used to focus on building child’s full independence in water, better breathing ability, speed, agility, streamline body position and swimming co – ordination together with development in mastering all four strokes. This program consists of five levels.

Adult Programmes

For some adults learning to swim can be daunting experience, however, Nager. London wishes to reassure you that it is never too late to achieve success in the water regardless of your age or your ability. Whether you wish to discover the joys of swimming for the first time as a non swimmer or perhaps you feel a little bit anxious in water or simply looking to swim that little bit better and wish to reinvigorate your own swimming skills. Nager.London programme provides comprehensive personal training service which can assure clients and provide them with a professional approach in lessons delivery.

Fear of Water – Beginners

Overcoming the foreignness of water can be difficult as it can hold many people back from learning to swim. This anxiety frequently extends to getting wet or being splashed with water and as a result some people often have aquaphobia or are embarrassed of the fact that they can’t swim, perhaps even reluctant to admit it or try it.
With our utmost care we will provide the right guidance for you to overcome the fear of the water. As a result the simplest of changes will be humbling and rewarding learning experience. Through our step by step guide we will build and enhance the enjoyment of water and relaxation. This programme consist of two levels.


This programme is designed and based for adults who are beginners but not fearful of water. Constructive framework is used to focus on building confidence in water together with promoting freedom of movement and floatation and submersion. This programme consist of two levels.

Improvers – Advance – Stroke Development

Training programme led by Nager.London will allow an individual taking the lessons to understand better breathing techniques, use of stroke biomechanics and how to identify correct flow to maximise efficiency and a technique of any four strokes. This programme consist of four levels.